Completion of our Earth Healing Project

Congratulations to you all. What an amazing experience it has been for so many of you.It is just over a week since the Equinox and the start of our Earth Healing event. From today the Darshan Light will begin to fade out and leave you but the Earth Healing will continue for quite some time, usually around 3 months.

Since the equinox the bird life seems to have quadrupled. They just know when it is time to open up into expansion and we should do the same. This is our time of creation in the northern hemisphere, whilst in the south, it is time to be thinking about completion of projects and cycles.

Candle in the Wind
The Healing process is what is called an Initiation Process. That means that the moment we initiate it using our tools of Light, it then continues by itself. It is a little like lighting a candle. Once the candle is lit from the flame, then it continues by itself until it has completed its task of pouring light into our world.

Heart of Love
The Initiation is triggered by a number of different ingredients but the most powerful of these is the love in your heart. In most people the love or light at the core of the heart isn’t yet strong enough to flow out into the world as the heart has not yet gone through an enlightenment process at its very core. But when you open your heart to receive the Light of Darshan, this Light then illuminates and guides your own inner light. In this way, your own heart-light initiates the Earth Healing due to the assistance of the Darshan Light teaching it what to do. When the Light from my heart is poured into the world, it flows from heart to heart creating a Path of Light. I will teach you more about this in time.

The Golden Light
The Darshan Light is Golden. Some of you may have experienced seeing golden light, dreaming about gold or even drawn to buy things of a golden colour. During the Earth Healing process this Golden Light has been held in your heart all week long, helping you on your path towards evolution and enlightenment. Each time you receive the Light it helps you a little more and eventually you make a spiritual breakthrough. This comes to all of us at different times dependent upon many, many things, particularly our past-life events that may still need resolution.

Gifts and Blessings be upon you
When we engage in such a wonderful act as helping Mother Earth, many, many blessings are heaped upon us through what is called The Law of Balance in Exchange. When you have been engaged in spiritual practice for many years, you begin to see and interpret more clearly what the gifts and blessings are. But in the early days of a spiritual path it can be difficult to interpret them correctly. Sometimes for example, you may have a huge experience that you may perceive as negative, but when you learn to see what has come to you, then you can appreciate how it is trying to help you. Universal consciousness is very different from everyday human consciousness and so it takes time to learn to see how the Universe may be helping you.

You will all have received many blessings from both the Universe and our Earth Mother for taking part in this process. I have already received two wonderful gifts and perhaps a third one is shown in the video clip below. Who knows?

Coming Shortly – An Invitation for you
As this coming week unfolds I will be going through a little change that began on the morning of the Equinox when we launched the Earth Healing Project. The Light that poured through me on that morning began a process within me that I have been waiting for since December 2016.Everyone who stepped forward to engage in the Earth Healing Project will soon receive more information about this item, which  the Universe has given me to bring into the world. It is an exciting time for us and I hope you will all see this unfolding event as a wonderful opportunity to engage more deeply with the Light and the process of your own evolution. As soon as the guidance completes this initiation within me, I will share it with all those who signed up to help the Earth Mother.

Thank You
For now, I wish to offer you my unlimited gratitude for this great thing that you have engaged in, coming together as a community of powerful Earth Healers.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.