Extreme Joy – Essence Transmission


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How to Receive The Extreme Joy Essence.

1. Obtain a bottle of Still Water to receive this Essence Vibration.

2. Place it in your sacred space.

3.  The moment you register to receive it, the transmission will begin.

4. The vibration will be in your bottle by the following morning at 8.00am.

5.  The essence will be valid for 21 days.

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The Essence of EXTREME JOY

Location:        Channelled to Earth via The Rectory Oak Tree.

Details:           This Extreme Essence has been brought to earth from the furthest reaches
of time and the vast expanses of space through the cooperation of trees.

Time:              A 24 hour channelling between 12.30pm 26th February 2007 and
12.30pm 27th February 2007.

Reading:        The Reading was received at 08.51pm, 14th November 2007.

Group:           Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:         A Blessing from Heaven

General Attributes of Positive Emotional Enhancers

Positive Enhancers can be used anytime and anywhere. One does not need to feel down in order to use a Positive Enhancer. As with the Negative Neutralisers, these Extreme Essences plumb the depths of your consciousness to do their work. When used on a daily basis, they continually access the deepest core consciousness of a specific Positive Emotion, motivating its magic and enhancing its radiance as it releases into your life. As the essence accesses the positive emotion, it rises from the deepest levels, flooding the emotional ocean with Divine Light and positive attributes. As this filters upwards into the surface consciousness, it continually strives to bring higher vibrational aspiration into your life.

The Positive Enhancers seek out the spark of Divinity within a Positive Emotion accessing the core of the energy to amplify and magnify its essence towards a pinnacle of perfected radiance. They find and kindle the spark within, which is the like of itself. That released Light is then radiated into the places of darkness and illumination takes place. Use these essences and just let it be.

Specific Attributes of Extreme Joy

Extreme Joy is a celebration within. It is a celebration of life; a celebration of all that experiences life and dwells with life. It is an observance of life in wonder.

Experiencing Joy is about the process of wonder. Wonder is defined as:

Amazed admiration or awe, especially at something very beautiful or new.
Something marvellous: a miracle or other cause of intense admiration or awe.

To experience Joy is be encapsulated in wonder.

Extreme Joy is the ability to walk in the woods and experience the beauty of a singular leaf in a forest of leaves and knowing how special each leaf is. Extreme Joy is the ability to hear a single blade of grass celebrate its own movement in a breeze. Extreme Joy is the ability to observe a brilliant night sky in wonder; to question what it’s all about and who created it for us to gaze upon, so that we might find wonder within ourselves.

Extreme Joy is the ability to find wonder and beauty in every single thing. When you experience Extreme Joy, you become a part of creation. You enter into the process of life at every level. You become a witness of the living magic, which is sewn into every living thing, be it a rock or a rose.

The ability to experience and enter the wonder of life is to touch Extreme Joy, even if only for a moment. But once you have experienced a connection with the divinity within what might appear to be inanimate life, you are permanently opened to some deeper level of divinity within yourself. For it is through the awakened divinity within that one can experience the divinity without. One reflects the other and each feed from the wonder of the other.

The Essence of Extreme Joy opens your life to the possibilities of experiencing the divinity without, by opening the divinity within. The essence touches you in a way that alerts your consciousness to the endless possibilities of beauty that you may feed upon. The essence scorches your heart with the fire of desire to awaken you to the beauty around you. And, as you awaken to the beauty around you, it awakens the beauty within you.

The essence of Extreme Joy is a Blessing from Heaven.

Peace be with you.

David Ashworth


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