Pythios – Sentinel Essence – Essence Transmission


How to Receive The Sentinel – Pythios Essence.

1. Obtain a bottle of Still Water to receive this Essence Vibration.

2. Place it in your sacred space.

3.  The moment you order it, the transmission will begin.

4. The vibration will be in your bottle almost instantly.

5.  The essence will be valid for 21 days.




A Sentinel Essence: Pythios:                                  

The Name of Apollo at Delphi

Essence obtained on 14th October 2006, 11.00am at the ancient Temple at Delphi.

Delphi was considered the centre of the Universe. A portal, the meeting point of Heaven and Earth. The place where the veil is thin between worlds. The portal links the Divine Masculine of Heaven to the Divine Feminine Earth. It is the crossing point where spirit manifests into the physical world and the physical world is fed by spirit.

The Oracle spoke at Delphi for over a thousand years and people came from all corners of the known world to hear her guidance.

The God Apollo is the Greek personification of the Logos before the birth of Jesus. Apollo was the representation of the God-consciousness on Earth, before that consciousness manifested within our physical world through Jesus of Nazareth (Yeshua). Apollo was the manifestation of the God of Harmony.


The Harmony of the Sun represented in Sacred Geometry

Pythios is the Name of Apollo at Delphi and relates to music and sacred geometry and is the representation of the Light of the World. Both the external light represented by the physical sun and the internal light represented by the spiritual sun/son, Jesus. In the beginning was the Logos, says the Gospel of John and, in the words of the Logos, I am the Light of the World. (This has long been mistranslated as ‘In the beginning was the word.’)

The spiritual light or Jesus is represented by the sacred number 888 and the physical light of the sun is represented by the number 666. Both 888 and 666 are musical numbers and relate to the principle of harmonia, an aspect of the Logos or Universe. All things in balance. All things in harmony.

666 is the string ratio of the perfect fifth, the most powerful harmonic relationship of the musical scale, the interval of C to G. Whereas 888 is the string ratio of the tone, the interval of C to D. The ratio 666 to 888 is therefore the harmonic relationship of the perfect fourth.

Not only do these relationships form the underlying structure of the musical scale, but they also appear in the realm of sacred geometry.


The Harmony of the Sun

  1. Draw a primary circle then place a hexagon inside it so that the points just touch the inner face of the circle, then draw the largest circle you can within the hexagon, you end up with two circles and one hexagon.


  1. Then draw a second hexagon on the outside of the first circle so that the flats touch the circle. Now draw an outer circle touching the points of this second hexagon and you end up with three circles enclosing two hexagons. This creates the ratio of the spiritual sun/son, Yeshua (888) and the physical sun (666). The ratio that is left, the inner circle is 769, Pythios, the name of Apollo at Delphi.

So, what we see is that the central circle of 769, called Pythios or the Name of Apollo at Delphi is the connecting link between the Physical Sun and the Spiritual Son, the portal between the world of matter and the world of spirit, the place one may stand between Heaven and Earth and drink from both sources.

Or another way of looking at this is that the vibration of the essence called Pythios, the Name of Apollo at Delphi stands at the crossing point of worlds, the place where matter and spirit meet. So, the essence helps you to find the Son behind the Sun or the Light behind the light as you stand at the ancient crossroads between Heaven and Earth.

(With thanks to David Fideler for these explanations from his book Jesus Christ Sun of God)

This essence, Pythios, the Name of Apollo at Delphi works to bring you into harmony at a deep level. Allowing the physical to begin to transcend its boundaries and allow the opening of the doors of perception within the heart into the Light of true Spirit. This essence seeks to help the seeker find the doorway to Heaven within themselves, which is the same as the doorway into the consciousness of the Son of God.


The Hidden Portal

Sentinel Essences contain a Hidden Portal. This is like saying the essence has two vibrations, and therefore works on two distinct levels. You can only pass through the Hidden Portal when your own vibration determines it.

The Heart has many levels and as each level opens, like the petals of the sacred thousand petal lotus flower, so you begin to perceive the truth of reality on many planes of existence.

Let us say that the heart is full of hidden portals and this essence stands at the door of each, assisting the opening of any level within the heart that is ready to let go of the limitations that hold it closed.

Let us say that the Light in this Essence has a depth that can influence the courage in the core of the heart to allow the heart to let go of limitation, thus creating a space where the light of the spiritual world can enter into the consciousness of the heart, allowing for a process of pure love to develop.

Let us say that this essence tries to pull two worlds together in the core of your heart. The world of matter and the world of spirit. It attempts to spiritualise your physical heart.

In a nutshell, I would say the best description for this essence would be doorway to the Gods, or Portal to Heaven, whereby, the Light of the Universe attempts to bring Harmony to the Inner planes of the heart where your God-consciousness may illuminate and bathe you in your own glory.

Note: Guidance sent me on a mission to get this vibration from Delphi in Greece. What unfolded could fill a book, but essentially, as you are not allowed to tread within the Temple of Apollo, I found an entrance into a hypocaust, an ancient heating system beneath the Temple of Apollo and crawled as far as I could beneath the Temple to obtain the vibration. That was on Saturday 14th October 2006. It is now 17th June 2019. It has taken me almost 13 years to complete this reading.

With Love and Blessings.



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