Time & Space – Effulgence : Essence Transmission


How to Receive Effulgence – Time & Space Essence.

1. Obtain a bottle of Still Water to receive this Essence Vibration.

2. Place it in your sacred space.

3.  The moment you order it, the transmission will begin.

4. The vibration will be in your bottle almost instantly.

5.  The essence will be valid for 21 days.



From the Time & Space Range:  Effulgence                 

The Essence of Effulgence was originally given by the Universe to help manage an evolutionary process we call a Pulsed Light Event, where the Christ Light or God-consciousness at the core of the human being begins an Evolutionary Transformation process by pulsing light into the deeper consciousness to create movement in an awakening way.

The essence is deliberately designed to overcome sub-conscious sabotage processes, which are focussed specifically on preventing the Evolution of Human Consciousness. A sub-conscious sabotage process is beyond the awareness of most people as it functions at a very deep level, as opposed to deliberate self-sabotage, which is an action taken at a conscious level.

As you take this essence, it literally floods the aura with a reservoir of light at a low level of luminosity. The Light is intelligent and self-regulating, firstly entering the aura in a kind of slow release stream. As you continue to take the essence, the Light from the Essences, which is pure God-consciousness, watches the sub-conscious mind and how it responds or reacts to this influx of light.

It is important to understand that the sub-conscious is controlled by Fear of Change and tries to govern your life by this same mantra. As the Light of Transformation enters your being, often, the sub-conscious will immediately begin to step up its game of sabotaging your evolution to prevent change on any level. One of the ways it does this is by drawing energy from you, either from the power within the fear energy at a deeper consciousness level, or from the chakras, aura or earth links, in fact from anywhere there is a source of energy.

As the Light from the essence continues to watch the machinations of the sub-conscious, it increases its luminosity very gently, always placing itself just above the level at which the sub-conscious can sabotage the process. As the sub-conscious then tries to obtain more energy for the battle, so the luminosity within the aura gently increases. The sub-conscious continues to watch and learn how each time it makes a move, the Light in the aura becomes stronger to counter that move. It eventually understands that it can’t win this battle. At that point, it firstly becomes perplexed and then overwhelmed as each time it tries something new, the level of Light increases just enough to confound its efforts. Ultimately, the sub-conscious goes into surrender, letting go of all the sources of energy that it is drawing from. The individual then goes through the evolutionary shift, which the Higher Self is attempting to integrate into the life, through the original initiation of the Pulsed Light Event.

Awakening comes through many forms, but a Pulsed Light Event, is very powerful and a direct intervention from the God-consciousness to help you to move beyond limiting patterns that might be extremely strong. All transformation processes are to be welcomed, but a Pulsed Light Event shows that you are being guided from the highest source.

Regardless of how a potential transformation is triggered, the sub-conscious is always the difficult customer, programming us in all manner of ways to prevent any form of evolutionary experience. The sub-conscious mind is the source of our ego-self and to all intents and purposes they are the same thing. So, this form of consciousness, the ego-self, is the only thing which stands between you and God; between you and enlightenment. Although this is a long journey, which is more often than not taken in stages, the Essence of Effulgence will bring Light into your deepest and most convoluted darkness of the sub-conscious process that attempt to prevent you from attaining any forward evolutionary movement.

Use this essence at any time of great difficult, or whenever you feel you need that extra boost to help you pass through a limiting energy, fear of issue.

Blessings and Peace.


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