Tangential Arrangements – Rebirth Essence – Essence Transmission


How to Receive Tangential Arrangements – Rebirth Essence.

1. Obtain a bottle of Still Water to receive this Essence Vibration.

2. Place it in your sacred space.

3.  The moment you order it, the transmission will begin.

4. The vibration will be in your bottle almost instantly.

5.  The essence will be valid for 21 days.



From the Rebirth Range:  Tangential Arrangements:                                  

Tangential Arrangements is a very strange name for an essence. I had to sit with it for a few days and each time I tuned in and asked, the answer was always the same. This is correct.

I was shown curved lines of Golden Light, arcs, manifesting in the aura as stimuli and I looked up the correct description in the dictionary of what ‘tangent’ means. Then I understood the nature of the essence.

The essence opens up pathways in the consciousness that otherwise may remain closed for millennia.

If you imagine that the mind thinks in a linear way based upon its life experience, then it is always going to think that way unless something stimulates a new pattern or a re-arrangement of the atoms that follow that certain thought pathway.

To put it simply, one might say that ‘David’s mind went off at a tangent’, meaning David’s thought processes didn’t follow what might be considered as normal. The thought expanded, and in that expansion went off the previously programmed pathway to discover a new way.

Speaking personally, that is a good description of how my mind works. It does indeed go off at tangent’s and in that process, it has discovered many new ways of accessing the Light of the Universe and how to bring it to earth. When we are working spiritually and our consciousness is going beyond its normal dimensional constraints, it discovers the unlimited view of what is possible. We have to let go of our pre-conceived limitations in order to allow our own God-consciousness to enter and guide us.

If you think of music as being described as an arrangement – a musical arrangement – if you take a hundred notes, these can be arranged in almost limitless ways to create music that can take your emotions on a journey, which can be either harmonious or discordant, dependent upon what arrangement of the notes uplifts you.

Perhaps you are now beginning to see what this essence of Tangential Arrangements offers you then?

It stimulates your mind and thoughts to discover new pathways. It stimulates your heart to open into expanded consciousness to create the new music of life.

When the consciousness within your heart expands, you begin to see differently and many pathways of expression can then open up within you, allowing your life to expand in previously unimaginable ways.

So, allow those Golden Arcs of Light to stimulate your mind to go off at a tangent now and then. Allow yourself the inner freedom to experiment with new ideas. Test those ideas to find the truth of them and if they are successful, then apply them to your life and watch yourself grow.

Break all the moulds that have been set before your time and open yourself to the God-consciousness within your heart. Allow yourself to fly within the music of your own inner guidance and creations.

Allow this essence to help you fly beyond all limitations.

With Love and Blessings.


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