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How to Receive Emergence – Time & Space Essence.

1. Obtain a bottle of Still Water to receive this Essence Vibration.

2. Place it in your sacred space.

3.  The moment you order it, the transmission will begin.

4. The vibration will be in your bottle almost instantly.

5.  The essence will be valid for 21 days.

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From the Time & Space Range:  Emergence                

Group: Spiritual Evolution
Keynote: Receiving the Divine Feminine

Location: Given from Source
Time: 17th March 2010
Detail: A 5th Dimensional Essence, whose origin is beyond Time and Space.

Emergence works with you at two distinct levels.

The first is about preparation to enter change, which is a yang or masculine penetration process.

The second is preparation to receive change, which is a yin or feminine reception process.

This essence helps you to prepare to merge into something new, in particular preparing to merge into something that you do not know or have never experienced. It prepares a space within you that helps you to trust that you can pass through transformation and merge into a different consciousness with ease.

Imagine that you desire to open and pass through an ordinary door and as you pass through it you have the knowledge that you will become someone else with new and different thoughts, which then create new and different realities for you. The passing through such a door entails the loss of certain aspects of the old identity to make way for aspects of a new identity, but you have no idea what that new you will be. You know that this will not happen in an instant, but that passing through the door initiates a process of change within your core that is irreversible. The initiation process also starts the process of dissolving the old aspects of yourself, which it is time to lose. It is the thought of losing something of our present selves that often restricts and troubles us, as letting go of something we are is like losing a valued and warm coat that we wear in the winter time against the uncomfortable elements. To lose something of ourselves in the letting go process can be an uncomfortable process that requires courage in order to make the transformation.

The Divine Feminine and Masculine Aspects of Emergence

The feminine aspect of this essence is about opening to receive something that is emerging. For example, a new energy comes forth, like a strong wind blowing against the door of your house. You can batten down the doors and hold fast inside, remaining untouched by the wind, or you can open the doors to the wind and allow it to blow through your house and life in a cleansing, invigorating, uplifting and illuminating way. The wind will blow out all the dust and loose matter that has accumulated in dark corners, sweeping everything clean with its action, although it might upset a few ornaments, lamps and books as it goes. The ornaments represent the things you are attached to, the lamps the flickering candles of light that are too dim to serve you and the books are the old ways that you are ready to move beyond.

Imagine the wind of change is knocking on the door of your heart. What are you going to do? Will you close your heart out of the Fear of Change, or will you open it to embrace the emerging consciousness?

The masculine aspect of the essence helps you to take that action needed. Going forth and probing the universe for the new consciousness, stepping into the unknown and actively seeking it. Also, acknowledging that it will bring change to you. Then the feminine aspect opens your hear to receive and the changes begin. This is an essence for transition, helping your heart to open to an ever-changing new dawning of consciousness.

Emergence is two actions in one, the first masculine aspect helps your consciousness to probe and penetrate the Universe for answers, seeking and searching for that which is needed at this moment in a changing time and world, whilst the second action allows you to receive that which then comes forth from the probing action. So, the first action of the essence enables your heart to send out your signal to the Universe that you are ready to receive and the second action opens your heart so that when the seeds of a new world come forth, you will receive them deeply within the heart where they can be nurtured by the deep inner Divine Feminine until the are ripe.

The Receptive Aspect

The Divine Feminine is about receiving deeply and inwardly at the soul of your being. With this essence, you may experience a presence that you cannot describe, something that seems to fit within you, making you whole, a missing piece that tastes of love. An incoming of peace and calmness, which allows you to experience understanding on new levels and dispels judgement. You may experience a sense that this essence opens you to a consciousness which is youthful, young, unsullied, pure and in its prime, ready to learn and do, not guilty, enthusiastic, bursting forth to experience itself through the reflections of your own life. This essence opens you to receive the Divine Feminine as she begins to move amongst us in her waking moments. Finally, this essence takes you to an inner place of acceptance with an understanding that everything is fine just as it is and that you are perfect, just as you are. Accept yourself and accept this gift of the Divine Mother of the Universe, as she attempts to fill all the missing aspects of your life and soul, especially the places where love needs to find a home within you..

Blessings and Peace.


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