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    Is it important to you to help in the healing of Mother Earth?

You can do this and more by joining the

Circle of Light Earth Healing Community.

David leading a group into an extinct volcano to connect deeply with our Mother Earth.

Almost 30 Years of Earth Healing and Teaching

You and Mother Earth can benefit from David’s many years of experience, knowledge and wisdom as a Healer, Geomancer and Spiritual Teacher.

Join this World-wide Earth Healing Community and take part in Healing the Earth while expanding your consciousness.

No Experience Necessary

David will guide your Earth Healing in simple steps, offering you light that you can pour into the Earth.

The Earth Mother needs willing hearts to help her urgently.

Earth Healing Community

Circle of Light Community

  • Access to all Future Earth Healing events
  • Spiritual Teachings
  • Unique Opportunities.
Yes, I want to help Mother Earth

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