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    Winter/Summer Solstice 2020

    Dear David,

    Thank you for offering us the opportunity to be of service to Earth Mother through our Circle of Light.

    As I offered my heart love and gratitude. I had a little ceremony to honour Mother.
    There was a lovely calmness, and the feeling of gratitude grew. I felt Mother’s  love comeback to me as I watched my herbs and incense smoulder away. I felt l became an infinity symbol my as I offered my Extreme Love Essence, a few words came –

    “as above so below step into my continual flow”

    It was all very gentle, and I felt that being in an ancient grove somewhere the was familiar to me  (I still feel it now) I could smell everything about this woodland although I was at home. It Just a lovely connection with all of the nature around me combined with a growing  awareness of Mother Earth being beneath my feet. My awareness extended to what flows beneath her surface, her magma was simmering away flowing all over this beautiful planet we are privileged to call home. It was very loving grounded experience just flowing naturally with the Earth Energies. I felt I was feeling her  take the Light into here being as I was closing down the ceremony.

    Much Love and thanks,
    To you and all our Circle of Light Community. ✨💚✨

    Loraine Mitchell, The Earth Surface and Magma

    Autumn/Spring Equinox 2020

    I really enjoyed my personal ceremony, some beautiful words came to me about our Mother Earth and the children upon it! Whitehawk hill is the first place I found in Brighton when I moved here 26 years ago and after several relationships, 4 daughters, horses, dogs, cats, moving away twice and many good friends made In the process.  I have moved back on this hill which I Love. My road is called Maresfield road and nearby I have my own field where I keep my horses. For me life is happening everyday in the most beautiful way and I am so happy to be in the light and sharing the light with all of nature and Mother Earth. Love to you all and let’s carry on the good work we are all sharing ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

    Mary, Whitehawk Hill

    I did my Earth healing at a very special place in my heart. When I was a young boy I use to love to go sit up an old oak tree in the middle of a field, near my parents house. I have not been to this location in 25 years. On the day of the healing I left my car outside my parents house and took the short walk to the oak tree. On this walk I went through a small wooded area I use to spend many years playing as a child. I as I made this walk the energy from Mother Earth was palpable. When I arrived at the oak, my heart was ready to burst with the light all around the tree. I said my blessings to the father in the sky and Mother Earth. The light from this event is still coming through strong 2 weeks later. The one take away massage I keep getting is ride the wave of higher consciousness and enjoy this beautiful life I have been blessed with 💚🙏👨‍🚒

    Danny M, UK, Cuddington, Cheshire

    On the day of solstice, I sat in front of my special place, a south facing window sill with meaningful objects and focused on healing the part of the Earth which is London. I had overcome my concerns of how to do it right and did it my way with blessings and holding many positive scenarios in my mind. Somehow I felt the area I had chosen was too big…

    Over the next 3days I felt fantastic, totally blissed out upon waking up every morning. Also rediscovered my Soma/ Wim Hof breathing practice during those days.

    Then I ate the wrong thing at the wrong time on Tuesday plus ignored my gut feeling about a certain issue. Consequently felt physically rough for a few days which has of course an emotional and spiritual effect.  Yes lesson learned I hope!

    Today we received David’s email that the week is coming to completion. I decided to do a long breathing / meditation session focussing the energy one last time on London. Towards the end my body tingled all over And there was a whoosh of energy, my arms stretched out and a felt I was embracing the whole city. Easily. A most amazing feeling! I do feel that it completed the process properly. It certainly was an extraordinary experience!
    Thank you David 😊

    Astrid, United Kingdom, London

    Summer/Winter Solstice 2020

    I sat at home and took the essence on the afternoon of the summer solstice.  I was immediately enveloped with love. After a short time I had an image, which came and went in a few seconds but was very detailed.  I saw the ocean bed bubbling up and erupting, finally opening.  Little serpents appeared out of the opening and rose upwards, these turned into a huge serpent.  Then an octopus, vast and sprawling came out. The octopus and the serpent together, one each side of the erupting ocean bed.

    Phillipa N, All the Oceans of the World

    Summer/Winter Solstice 2020. This time I had absolutely no idea where to send healing to. My mind was a complete blank and nothing came for a few days. I spent some time tuning in and got the word ‘Porcupine’. Were the animals asking for help? Was it the prickly, agitated atmosphere of unrest on the planet? I tuned in again and got ‘Continental Shelf’. I was puzzled about the connection. I checked Google maps and saw an area called the Porcupine Bank on the continental shelf off the west coast of Ireland. It is known for cold water, coral, unusual fish and of course over fishing. This was the area.

    As I initiated the healing, I could feel the light pouring forth and being gathered by Mother Earth. She gathered it in around her, storing it for later use. It would be needed at a later time. I feel it is being released slowly as a foundation for a larger event to come.

    We never know in our own lives when we will need the light we gather into our hearts. Sometimes the effects will only show after a long period of time. The message is ‘Keep going’. You are helping to feed my heart’.

    Mary G, Ireland, Porcupine Bank, Atlantic Ocean

    On the day of solstice, I sat in front of my special place, a south facing window sill with meaningful objects and focused on healing the part of the Earth which is London. I had overcome my concerns of how to do it right and did it my way with blessings and holding many positive scenarios in my mind. Somehow I felt the area I had chosen was too big…

    Over the next 3days I felt fantastic, totally blissed out upon waking up every morning. Also rediscovered my Soma/ Wim Hof breathing practice during those days.

    Then I ate the wrong thing at the wrong time on Tuesday plus ignored my gut feeling about a certain issue. Consequently felt physically rough for a few days which has of course an emotional and spiritual effect.  Yes lesson learned I hope!

    Today we received David’s email that the week is coming to completion. I decided to do a long breathing / meditation session focussing the energy one last time on London. Towards the end my body tingled all over And there was a whoosh of energy, my arms stretched out and a felt I was embracing the whole city. Easily. A most amazing feeling! I do feel that it completed the process properly. It certainly was an extraordinary experience!
    Thank you David 😊

    Astrid, United Kingdom, London

    Winter/Summer Solstice 2019

    Thank you once again for offering us the opportunity to bring more to Mother Earth.

    For this Spring/Autumn Equinox Earthing Healing Event, I felt guided to share Light to all the oil well fields across the planet. It is something I have always felt passionate about yet get helpless to help her with it. Usually I get my location pretty quickly after we have finished an event but his time time that didn’t happen and I asking Mother where do need me to share Light. nothing was forthcoming until a few before we were to start. I sat in quite meditation asking again -what came back to me was, ”you can choose this time.Think about what you have been passionate about and felt helpless about”. Then it came to me – the extraction of your oil and the devastation this continues to cause you. Once I had registered there were articles popping up everywhere about the need for new clean energy systems to rid ourselves of fossil fuels.

    After our event I was asking why it had taken so long fake me to identify my healing location – and what came back was,  at the start global shut down when flights were being grounded, and less fossil fuels being used there is still the pressure of the oil and gas extraction. She will use the Light for releasing the pressure this causes within her as this one the biggest impacts she deals with daily. I thought this was very interesting and felt humbled to get this information from her.

    Through my small offer to her she in turn has offered me gifts to be able to release toxins from my own life.

    Many thanks to you David.

    Love and Blessings to all.

    Loraine M, Worldwide Oil Fields
    Brazil Rainforest Healing

    Thank you so much, David, for offering us the opportunity to share more Light.

    This time I was guided to – Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Columbia. It is as you know home to the indigenous Kogi Mammas.  When you shared the Luna film in our FB page, I felt strongly that Earth Mother wanted healing to be directed there when I was participating in our Winter Solstice Healing Event. I felt in addition to the Earth Healing it was to support The Kogi Mammas in their work. The Kogi give so much, without people even knowing they exist or what they do for us. Their film in 1990  impacted me deeply, and now I can offer something back to them, in gratitude.

    Since I have been involved in our earth healing events I feel it has been deepning my interest in exploring the Shamanic Path and practices. I have had this longing to feel more connected to Mother Earth, and to learn more about her cycles. So, now I have joined a drumming circle and leaning about a shamanic practices such as the importance of ceremony as well. I feel this is supporting me and strengthening my system to work with The Light as we now how potent it is. So I spent most of September, November and December leading up to our Earth Healing Event doing these drumming circles, I also feel very grounded through doing this. I could feel the Light building up getting stronger, and stronger as our Healing Event drew closer, it has been wonderful.

    On Winter Solstice morning I did I a little ceremony to initiate my Earth Healing. I started early with a meditation to prepare and connect with Earth Mother, and Divine Father. I had my altar set up, my Essence bottle was is place as well. I started drumming to open the ceremony I could feel the Light open me up as I connected with my Earth Healing. I called in all the sacred directions, all the elements, animals, the fishes, the plants, trees and everything else of relevance. I invited the ancestors and, the Kogi Mammas. It was the most wonderful experience and so powerful. As I was closing the ceremony the Sun was rising which for me was quite magical to witness. I stood for ages just observing what had happened, I felt so connected to everything, like I was suspended in time somewhere. I can’t describe the gratitude I felt and have continued to feel all through this Earth Healing Event. I feel with each event I my connection is deepening. What I notice as well is the attraction I have to gold – not as in gold jewellery, I have been creating things with gold, gold imagery gold, lettering etc, gold could clothes. Then, I remembered our ’Fanfare Essence’ we are taking which pretty much clarified this for me!

    ”Fanfare radiates the sound Aum into your heart, wrapped in the vibrational essence of gold. It announces the awakening and arrival of your God-essence into your life”.

    In Gratitude


    Loraine M, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Columbia

    Hi David

    In the few days before the 22nd, I could feel Divine light within my energy field, but I was also having some disturbing dreams. For example I was afraid of falling into a dark hole or being squashed against a wall by huge lorries or being in a rotten place with rats. Something clearing hopefully! On 22nd, I opened my heart to the Earth’s atmosphere. My heart energy became very expansive and I became one with her atmosphere. After a while I saw a caduceus symbol emerging from below my heart upwards into the sky. Then golden light was pouring through my crown, filling my heart area, clearing and cleansing me.

    In the days since 22nd, I have been reaching deep into my heart (as you described in your  video), and offering my love to Mother Earth. I could feel the beautiful crystalline light within my heart expanding very, very deep and wide as I consciously connected with her. I am so grateful.

    Thank you, blessings of love


    Anne F, Earth's Atmosphere
    Atlantic Ocean Healing

    I felt this healing process much more clearly and intensely than the previous Autumn one, (which felt less coherent and weaker, and I even gave up with the essence before the end as the essence didn’t seem to have any discernible power),

    With this Winter solstice healing process, I was aware of a strength of Light within me and supporting me, right from lift off in a few hours after enrolment. From this experience I would definitely recommend enrolling immediately! This was much clearer even than the Summer solstice process, which worked well, I believe.  I have felt very nurtured, strengthened and supported by this, and it has been incredibly helpful to have this additional strength and energy as I sometimes struggle with fluctuating energy, and I wonder what it will be like when it fades, I am already noticing it is withdrawing and I feel a little tiredness and pain that have not been present for several weeks. It is always useful to know when I am aligned with spiritual energies and when not, as in my older body I really rely on them, they are what sustain me to be able to be here.

    I have really valued and appreciated this Light being with me so persistently and consistently every day, I could not say I understand how this works, but I feel an ongoing connection to the Emerald Heart Light in my heart through David, it has persistently been part of my experience over many years now and so I trust it and know the feeling of its presence. I also get a particular temporary sharp pain in my ears when the Emerald Heart guides are with me, I have no idea what they are working on, and this can happen at any time, I just relax, open and welcome them, and I also ask for their assistance now and then. David must feel a tug on his consciousness when this happens.

    I allowed the idea of where to send the healing to come into my mind, and this is persistently what I saw, the seas around the coastlines of where I live.  In the previous healings I chose places that I love and have affection for, but in this Winter process, it was like allowing an idea to be implanted in my consciousness that I kept “seeing” the coastlines as if from above, for no reason to do with me that I am aware of.

    Here are some of my personal thoughts about the wider processes involved in this Earth Healing event, for what they are worth, they are just one person’s perspective.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this available to the Earth, it feels such a relief to have something focused and co-ordinated  I can actually do to help Gaia, as I am not one who is drawn to campaigning and protesting, just to love of Mother Earth and celebrating being in Her presence. I feel that whatever we as humans are doing, she will survive just fine as she can and will do whatever she needs to do to rebalance herself and evolve herself, and there is nothing even the very worst government administrations can do to prevent this.  It is us who are the problem through being so ignorant and out of balance in our materialistic ego driven blindness, because we have been programmed to go along with deadly conditioning that cares not  for Earth, her creatures or for any of our wellbeing. Each person needs to see this for themselves, and so working on raising people’s consciousness in accessible ways seems to me the most helpful thing I can do. To my mind, there is a problem that so many well-meaning and basically kind and positive people cannot see the energetic and spiritual dimensions of life sufficiently clearly to relate with them consistently.  Thus processes such as this help to anchor pure and clean spiritual power across the planet, as the more of us that can hold these frequencies, the more will be able to join us. People already experience they receive something from me that they cannot name and sometimes refer to as magic, and this inspires them, and this is part of what is strengthening humanity to expand in the new energies that are suffusing our planet. It is like the more we can be more fully ourselves, the more people around us can be themselves more fully, too.

    Alyss T, The Seas Around the South West Peninsula of Britain

    Autumn/Spring Equinox 2019

    Dear David

    During the week leading up to the healing, I could feel a muted background level of Divine light with a couple of days where I felt zapped (a kind of exhaustion that , for me, often comes with an influx of powerful new energy). The actual Earth healing seemed to work immediately. I saw the Earth’s atmosphere as clear and purified.

    Perhaps I should explain that for the last couple of years I have been avoiding connecting with high frequency energies too often , as I felt that my nervous system could not cope with them. I was also working through guilt and other emotional stuff. It was hard to feel Divine love in my heart.  Before and after the Earth healing I went out with a group to do some healing in the landscape. On those occasions the energy was exquisite.  However, most of the time, my vibration was quite low and I was feeling deep sadness about what we humans are doing to each other, the animals and beautiful mother Earth.

    But, about three weeks ago, I realised that I had more energy and was holding much more Divine love and light in my heart and my whole being.It’s beautiful.  And I feel like I am back on track!

    So, thankyou very much, David.

    Divine blessings


    Anne F, Earth's Atmosphere

    As soon as I took the essence and started to meditate, it was as though time had slowed down.  The air felt like treacle around me, as I sank down into my meditation.

    I felt nauseous and I had sense of toxicity in my abdomen, like the toxicity in the earth. I could feel that I had been hurt by others in my life, as a child and Mother Earth has been violated too, but her hurt continues. She wanted to hold and heal the little child me, in a column of green light that went right through my central channel.  We were one.  I was aware of her hopelessness at the damage already done to the earth and her depleted energy.

    Mother Earth’s boundless love remains, despite this.  Over the last 2 weeks, the feeling of time slowing down has continued and I have found myself unable to rush.  Activities I start seem to take an age and days pass effortlessly slowly. 

    Love Phillipa.


    Phillipa, The Virguna National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo
    Brazil Rainforest Healing

    Dear David, 

    Since the last weeks the inner progress I might have gone through is that  I´m now much more aware of my inner Light, it can also be called my worthiness, or something like this.

    I’m now aware of  the reason why during  the last thirty years I always met people who had taken advantage of my  person, of my work, of my compassion, of all the facilities I offered to them without asking for rewards etc. I didn´t love myself, and was incapable to recognise my own value. 

    Now I’m on my way of discovering how happy it feels accepting myself just like I am, with all my indiscipline, impatience and unable to follow a certain regularity, etc.

    BUT at the same time my awareness has grown. There is a much stronger inner connection to Mother Earth, and at the same time being much more aware that I’m part of ALL that is.

    There is a growing feeling of unity with the Source, or Creator, which provides me with a great inner feeling of peace and calm, but also happiness and joy. 

    “Be yourself, be happy and enjoy yourself”!  

    These were the last words or advice you had given to me when we said goodbye at Lanzarote retreat in January 2015. At that time I was still looking for the reason or mission I´m here on earth, and this sentence didn´t make any sense to me. 

    Now, 4 years later, your advice becomes more clearer, taking in mind also  the message I received – can´t remember at what occasion –

    “Through your example others will learn.”  The puzzle is now building up a certain image:

    I have just to be aware of my Essence (and as you told me in Lanzarote “My Essence is a direct connection to the Source”) be ready to serve others when they are asking for a Healing or other advices, be a company for my husband and my Spanish family members, and practicing my hobbies- painting and writing; in short words:  just be in the flow, open for everything that might still come through. 

    Actually, in this year several new persons have already entered in my life to whom I was able to give them help through healings or conversations in which I described my own spiritual evolution process, and they are now beginning to start their own spiritual evolution journey. And this gives me a grateful feeling of happiness. 

    Well, I think I have taken enough advantage of your time reading this, so just want to send you a very big huge hug from my heart



    Anke W, Brazil, Amazon Rainforest
    Atlantic Ocean Healing

    Hi Dave, Hi All,

    So I sent healing to the north and south Atlantic Ocean, and I knew I had to do it there because the whales took me there to show me.
    Sounds crazy right, but on August 3rd I was flying above the ocean, I didn’t really know where I was in the world, but I was by a pier and I remember seeing this humongous whale just below the surface, I remember thinking WOWWW I need to go in for a closer look, so I did, I took a deep dive and was totally in awe and amazed that I was given the opportunity to swim side by side with this beautiful humungous mother whale and her two babies, although I was still appearing smaller than them, lol.

    Next I looked up and realised just how far down I was, I thought crikey how am I gonna get to the top now. So I started swimming,
    Next a bunk bed appeared, and then I realised I wasn’t in the ocean anymore I was in the sky but I still swam, I had to get to this bunk bed before I fell out the sky, it was hilarious, lol
    So that was my first msg.
    I was taking three different essences at this point, and I was due to go to Cornwall, a holiday I booked about a year and a half before, wheres Cornwall? In the Atlantic Ocean.
    So we got down there, on the 12th, on the 13th we headed out to Charlestown, I saw a removals truck, it said on the front of it in big letters, we’re moving the earth.
    On the 16th I finished my three essences and on the 17th I started the mystery essence. I shared some with the Atlantic Ocean that day, I took the time to do a little ceremony and placed it at a point where a pipe came out of the rocks and that created a good flowing stream directly into the ocean. So was happy that it would go quite deep into the ocean.

    Later we went into perranporth and I found this beautiful little spiritual shop, it was about the size of your average downstairs loo, but so much was cram packed into it. It was a wonderful little emporium, I was amazed, but what stood out for me were these cards called spirit oracle. I ended up chatting to the lady who owned it, she was called Joy! That later came into having its own meaning for me.
    I had to wait for a few days to buy the cards as I didn’t quite have enough money, but I went back two days later.
    Anyway we ( me and my 9 yr old son) went back to our caravan ( the surf shack) and I thought I’d do my dragon cards, I had 5 cards, the emerald dragon, water dragon omega dragon, golden atlantean dragon and sunshine yellow dragon.
    Basically all of those teamed together brought me messages telling me that this was all about the devine femine and healing the water ( the emotions) but in turn helping nature and the animals.

    Anyway two days later, I went back for my spirit cards,
    I obviously had to have a go later that day, and I couldn’t believe the cards that came out, lol
    Only a card with the word Mystery on it!!

    Courage, and nature. I burst out laughing, I thought I just love how these essences work and the universe, so I pulled 3 more, I got angel, humour, and awareness! Lol I said yes ok thank you. You’re having a laugh with me.
    Anyway that was that, on the 19th we had to go home but I did another share on the 20th in the woods not far from where I lived as I had the trees calling me when I got back so again I took lots of crystals, some incense and had a beautiful little ceremony and I connected in with the nature spirits and the trees. I experienced some beautiful energy that day.

    I did one more sharing on the 25th in my garden and I tried a little meditation but I just got the beautiful energies spiralling all around me, it’s my usual thing though, so I imagine that’s my elementals saying thank you to me.
    Between then and the 7th September I had many spiritual experiences and my son giving me msgs from spirit too, it was all starting to fade off a bit for me now.
    However, I did receive two lots of confirmation, once in September via a song on my iPhone that just randomly came up, it was called waterfall by Atlantic Ocean! Lol again I just laughed, and said that’s fab, thank you
    The next one was this month, ( October) I was visiting a friend further down wales, and she said, I’m terrible at cooking so we’ll go to the chippy, it’s only round the corner. Anyway gets there, we ordered and my friend took my son to get some pudding for after, not that we needed any, but she kindly insisted, bless her.
    While they were gone I noticed a newspaper on the table, I never ever read newspapers not ever!!
    I opened it up and what was the first page I opened it on, lol a huge whale had been saved in the river Thames, it had come in from the Atlantic!! Lol
    Don’t you just love it!

    So thank you to Dave I still don’t know what the mystery essence was, but the whales and the ocean were certainly the right thing for me!
    So thank you to our most beautiful sea mammals too for coming to me, it was ALL my pleasure!
    I’m already starting to get messages for our next healing.
    So I do really enjoy doing this work because they start telling me months before.

    Much love and beautiful blessings to you all

    Liz E, North and South Atlantic Ocean

    I had chosen a completely different  place weeks ago but as soon as I registered, this came through as the place for healing. The river starts out in a small bog hole high in the mountains. I remember visiting a few years ago, staring into the dirty water thinking how few people actually knew how the river began and how amazing it was. On the surface it looks very uninspiring but in reality it shows the beautiful simplicity of how the earth creates and provides for life within it. The Liffey flows for 125km in a big loop, flows through the centre of Dublin and enters the sea in Dublin Bay. The water is used to generate electricity, provide a water supply for a few million people, for recreation and is part of song, poetry and folklore as well as nurture the land and animals. I felt that sending healing to the source would send healing to all these aspects as well. Water is life and it has been used and abused in many ways. I felt it needed some healing time and giving back.

    It was remote healing. I could feel the Earth begin to release toxic energy in a controlled way. The power of the Earth knew what it was doing and it was like the air being very slowly let out of a balloon. The healing will find its way to many areas and people.

    The process reinforced the way all is interconnected and what is done to one area affects everything else.

    Thank you Mother Earth.

    Mary G, Source of River Liffey, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

    Summer/Winter Solstice 2019

    Sardegna Earth Healing

    Addendum to Earth Healing Spring Equinox 2019 Spaggio del Porto La Cruzetta, Sardegna, Italy

    Dear Dave,
    there is something about the Earth Healing during Spring Equinox 2019 I have to share. The spot I chose then is a little beach on Sardegna. Since it was a remote healing I couldn’t say much about how it has changed the place. But I can do now.
    A few weeks after Equinox we spent some time on Sardegna. As we set off to finish the healing ceremony and approached the beach I could already sense a lighter air there. But it was only me who could feel it. My husband, who was with me, still felt the heaviness and the gloominess of that place and didn’t notice any difference. So I had to trust in my own perceptions about the healing effect.
    A few weeks ago, friends who are quite familiar with that area on Sardegna and who know this beach very well, invited us for dinner. They had spent their Whitsun Holidays on Sardegna and they told us about their experiences there. They also mentioned that they had spent some time at that specific beach – and that the atmosphere there somehow had completely changed. Instead of dark and sinister they experienced it for the first time as being bright and light. I was very happy to hear that. What a wonderful confirmation! It was then that I told them about the healing I did in March. We all felt touched and grateful about what this healing has done to Mother Earth and to us.
    Thank you for making this possible!

    Much love

    Irene, Italy, Spaggio del Porto La Cruzetta/Sardegna/

    I was guided to do my healing in my local community. Rodanbraes a lovely natural open space located within Craigencalt Rural Community Trust, Kinghorn, Fife.

    My intention for this healing was healing for Mother Earth & Healing for our ancestral line. I have felt deep sorrow connected to the wounding/suffering my ancestorial family line had mindlessly inflicted upon Mother Earth, through extracting coal. On our spring equinox earth healing event, I was guided to focus my healing on a small uninhabited island in the firth of forth, the healing was also extended into the water itself to support our marine life and pollution caused by mining.

    healing experience:
    I was aware The Light was preparing me for our Circle of Light Earth Healing Event closer. I also felt a familiar heat gradually intensifying within me.

    I experienced inner calm I felt a lot of body sensations, I felt something moving around in my heart similar to what a pregnant woman feels when her baby starts moving around for the first time, putting my hand on my heart, and I could feel the movement. My whole body was pulsating. My entire body felt like it was buzzing, intensifying as headed to my healing location. As I entered my sacred healing space, there was such stillness and inner calm. I spent some time connecting and just being with Mother, I was aware of my family gathering around, many generations came – from all over the accepting the gift of forgiveness. I became aware of our Circle of Light Earth Healing community, and also peoples all over our world doing Earth Healing ceremonies on this Solstice day all connected in Sacred ceremony to pay reverence to Mother Earth. I opened my heart to offer healing through the Essence Mother had chosen it was a very special moment, then it was time to leave, and enjoy what was left of the lovely Summer Solstice evening.

    This has been a heart opening experience,  on so many levels. The connection I have felt is difficult to out into words. I have worked with the Emerald Heart for quite some time now, I have grown steadily and had many heart-opening moments. Over the past week, I knew The Light we are connecting with is of higher vibration, which I didn’t think possible – it completely opened my heart to a different level. I was in place I had not experienced before –
    I felt connected to everything, and everyone – it was like a portal opened, and we were in a new dimensional space – we were beings of light, as humanity we were being transformed. I’m still reflecting on the overall experience, I think that will happening for a while to come.

    Our facebook community group is up and running now there is already a welcoming community feel to it. Having a group is deepening our experience; it’s somewhere to share experiences and hang out together. They are a nice group of people.

    Thank you, David,

    Loraine M, Scotland, Rodanbraes, Craigencalt Rural Community Trust, Kinghorn, Fife

    I chose the Danum Valley Conservation Area in Kalimantan, Borneo for the Solstice Earth Healing. Some years ago I worked in Brunei Darussalam in Borneo and visited the Orang Utan rehabilitation area in Sabah. Their habitat is under severe pressure because of logging activity and the rainforest is being destroyed. I could feel the pressure on the trees that are trying to hold the space as best they can so I wanted to send healing. The Orangs or Person of the Forest in the Malay language are in distress and the orphaned babies need human ‘parental’ care to survive. A team of dedicated people stay with them at all times in this protected space. I also visited indigenous longhouses – Iban and Dusun – and got up close and personal with some jungle life. The rainforest is absolutely amazing, very humid, full of huge lush leaves and it buzzes and vibrates with the sounds of insects, snakes including huge Pythons and King Cobra, Hornbills, Flying foxes, Macaques, monitor lizards, Borneo Rhino etc. What a shame if we lose this magical area. It holds a special space in my heart. for all it gave me at the time so I am glad to give something back.

    The energy was very high and building for the day. As the healing began, I felt a sense of gratitude from the earth and also from the trees. Later that day I visited a magical stream with friends and offered some drops of the Pilot Whale Essence to the water. As I turned I saw on the stones behind me two heart shaped leaves tinged with pink – a message from the universe. A friend also gave me two buttons – pink and green. I felt very alive and happy that day and I feel that the rainforest needed that boost of light and feels better to protect itself.

    Mary G, Borneo, Danum Valley Conservation Area

    Hi David,

    I was guided to choose Ozersk in Russia for healing. I felt there was a great need  there, but I did not know why. I had never heard of the place to be honest. For a couple of weeks prior to the healing event I felt a great tension, in my head particularly, and I was on very much on edge. Very uncomfortable feelings. This continued for a good while, and I felt I was spinning off the planet. At one point I felt a great strength which enabled me to confront  a situation in my life which was long overdue.  A great deal of anger  came out of nowhere  ???? I hope I have been able to contribute to the healing. By a strange coincidence, I was told that the lake in Ozersk was full of Shungite crystals  which I have recently started to work with because I was drawn to them for cleansing/protection. I am feeling greatly in tune with the animal kingdom, and their suffering affects me so much.

    Thank you and God bless

    Maryana G, Russia, Ozersk

    Hi David,

    Thank you again for the opportunity to be part of the Solstice Earth Healing.I chose the Phoenix Park again, an area in it called the Furry Glen, that is quiet and unspoiled.  I walk or cycle there most days.Recently I read that there are plans to “develop” the park by building extra car parks, extend the visitors centre, have more buses etc.

    This park is my sanctuary and has been a place to breathe when city life is too much.There are deer, birds, beautiful trees and wide open spaces. I feel development would greatly compromise this.I sent the healing here as I feel it is under attack.
    I sent the healing remotely from my bedroom.

    I created sacred space by lighting a candle and said a prayer.I took the essence Extreme Fear and placed the bottle on the spiral.
    I felt a heaviness in my body as soon as I lay down.I connected to the Earth imagining her soaking up the healing.I felt a tingling in my legs especially on the left side and a heaviness in my solar plexus as I continued to connect to her. (It brought up some fears within myself)
    Afterwards,I felt a  sense of clarity and strength.Later while in the company of colleagues, I overheard  a conversation about anxiety and city life and the healing power of nature and  how we are  meant to be outdoors in parks etc not locked indoors depriving ourselves of all that beauty and natural healing.I felt great joy that the Earth Mother was being appreciated.


    Norette L, Ireland, Phoenix Park, Dublin

    I was taken on a Journey into the Cairngorms. at the Spring/Equinox.
    Directing me to Angels Peak & Devils Point
    There was a Gully (chockstone)  which lay between these two points.
    The process started as I connected with the light.
    As I placed the bottle at my sacred space a Golden Arc radiated from it across the room to the opposite point
    The connection was made.
    The vibration in the room lifted and felt calm & still
    In my message to David, I had expressed the deep pain I had felt
    It had came in the form of an “Audible Book”Jonathon Livingstone Seagull
    It told the story of the gull who pulled himself beyond all  limitations
    Who wanted to free to go past all that restrained him in order to do that.
    As I listened to the music, The sound of the “SEA” It lifted me.
    The tears started to “FLOW” as threw the words in the text & the vibration in the “MUSIC”
    Days & hours passed as the tears flowed
    I felt David pain, The pain of Christ
    I was taken deep into the earths Core.
    The roots going deep into her core as she anchors us to the planet.
    Rising from deep in the earth the energy rose. “We were rising
    Up into the Heart -rolling like a huge wave- Rising again to fly with the flock
    As I rose a voice came. “LET GO NOW” let us lift you !ITS TIME”
    I tears were streaming as I was given the realisation of this Gift
    I got a reply much later from David,
    At a time when I had reach out for help threw Darshan for clearing your space,
    I got the answer. He humbly said that “Jonathon Livingstone Seagull was his story

    As was Golden Rabbit.
    Love & Blessings to all

    Annette V, Scotland, Cairngorms

    The location I chose for Healing was Robben Island.
    An island in South Africa which overlooks Table Mountain .
    The location came to me after I read the Teaching that came threw David.Heart.
    A  Banana a Day.

    This was based on the “The Journey of Change”

    It took me on a very deep Journey.”
    One of the Location. — Which lead into my own Journey.—The links with my “Family
    It took me much deeper into The Emerald Heart Light.

    Leading me into this “Sacred Space”.
    One which  was “Birthed” to us threw the “Heart” of David Ashworth
    It started with messages which came with songs. All signs which guided me onto “The Path of Light”
    It has been an emotional humbling experience.
    One which fluffs up The Feathers of the Ego.
    This is all part of the process as we step into the”Light”
    An important step to learn from if we are to grow and evolve

    I shared the “Banana Boat Song “DAY O” Sung by Harry Belafonte
    A fun song which came with many signs.

    Leading to children’s presenters .
    I was shown “Raffi
    It was his 70th Birthday & some of his favourite children’s songs same up.
    Showing Caption of “Banana Phone LOL

    Then he sang “This Little Light of Mine”
    The kids loved it & he looked so happy singing on that stage with them
    He went on to become a Peace Ambassador

    More music as the “Story” unfolded
    Showing the Cycles in Life, Also threw time & space.
    All will be revealed as we go threw these Cycles togetherLOL
    The song “Island in the Sun”
    A lovely heartwarming song was also starting to reveal deeper “TRUTH”

    It was fascinating when the “Light” came in revealing so much.
    Revealing patterns of behaviour  within my self, my family
    Also on the larger scale how this plays out.

    Last week was the launch of the “Circle of Light” Healing Project.
    It was a bit like a family affair LOL
    My sister was helping David with this as she is an Emerald Heart Practitioner

    My Daughter is with us which is great.
    She was the first of the family to work with the Light & Tim
    She went on to do many programmes which help her to reveal & release so much deep pain
    Trapped within our system.Caused by deep Trauma
    Energy damage to was revealed by the light’
    Which went on to be healed

    Threw this process
    It not only helped her,
    The light worked with her & threw her.
    Beaming out to other members of “The  Family”

    I have worked as a client with Tim Dyson,
    As a student with Tim & Jack Child on the Transformational Journey
    Also with Harriet Kroon on the Mary Magdalene Magical Months ..
    Had many programs in the process as each step unfolded. Also ESSENCES which are really KEYS feeding light into the ENERGY SYSTEM

    It has been quite a Journey.
    A bit like being showing “The Movie” of  “Life” As it plays out
    Allowing your to go deeper into it and “Experience” what it is truly about.
    I suppose you could say it was a bit like being part of an “Action” Movie
    One where when you step into it,
    It starts to reveal so much.
    Yes it can be tough but it can also be Inspiring and is always filled with LOVE & LIGHT

    Truly Heart opening & one which which I would recommend to everyone.
    Whether it for “Day” “A Month” or Longer.

    As we share this Journey I would like to share with you posts from my experience at times.
    The sharing is a very important part of the process.
    it helps us all to see the bigger picture .
    I also look forward to hearing what you .
    How you feel about them
    What it has sparked off in you
    Your experiences to.

    I shared one last week at the end of our first week together..
    I shared how I had first took to the stage threw a “Musical” At High School.
    Based around “The SOUND OF MUSIC”
    One which my  sister Loraine played in at that time
    As we all are now

    It has all got us to this point & am happy to be here in this “Sacred Space “
    The Light is always “THE TEACHER”
    I give thanks & gratitude to the Light .
    For the Gifts that have been given
    All that has been “Shared”

    Anette V, South Africa, Robben Island

    The experience was very simple, and profound at the same time.  I felt the Earth energies rising up very strongly in my body and it felt intense on the sites of old injuries, maybe where there are blocks. It was easy and peaceful, and I felt the Mother Earth was actually eager to take this opportunity, and she responded instantly I stated my intentions.

    Her energy is so very powerful, she is so much stronger than us, obviously she knew exactly how to modulate it within the range of what my system can cope with. It was a feeling of strength, upliftment, and a kind of light, playful, happy enjoyment and co-participation. I appreciated the strength and uplift this experience has given me.

    The idea of us working together as a collective with the Earth Mother feels really right, and perhaps our consciousness has now evolved to the level at which we can at least agree to participate. I am so happy to be part of this.It is our consciousness that needs healing, it is that that is willing to destroy this luminous pristine paradise that Earth really is.

    Alyss T, Greece, Crete

    I felt the energy very strongly during the equinox period for several days whilst the healing energy which was focused on the Earth passed through me. I focused the energy into the underground water increasing its vibration, so that as the water passes through the Earth, trees, plants, people and our homes, all will benefit from this increase in vibration. The intention of the group working together is very amazing and I know the group will grow organically bringing more people together into the same way of thinking.

    I am very grateful to be in service to the Earth and this opportunity to take time to show reverence and respect is very important to me. It allows time to see what is important and the opportunity also to benefit from the healing ourselves.

    Blessings to everybody in the circle of light, Dave and the guides who have worked with us all

    Kirk M, Underwater Water System Throughout Earth

    So I chose the pyramids of Giza because prior to signing up I kept seeing everything to do with Egypt, I saw adverts, I heard people talking about going, I saw pyramid incense sticks which I bought, i was drawing triangles ( pyramids) but that led to a drawing of something similar to the flower of life, I did think why am I getting all this stuff linked to Egypt, have I got some healing to do there? Well in that moment it clicked, OF COURSE, Earth healing, it’s due soon, this was all back in May, soon as the penny dropped my sightings hearings and drawings stopped, so I asked, where in Egypt, I just got Giza, then I remembered, oh yes the pyramids.  A lot of fear and control and corruption has been put through the grids from that point, it all needs clearing. This is why I’ve been getting msgs to clear 5D ley lines.

    Anyway that was that, I also as always and for a long time now, quite a few yrs really, have been receiving the golden light, I believe this to be the golden christed light, ( this is another story for me) so this was more clarification for me on Egypt.

    Next I had a full week of seeing lots of cats, honestly, I know you can come across cats on a daily basis but 2-3 cats a day every day for a week they were in my garden,near my front door, on a wall, in a car park, everywhere I’d never seen so many, but google cats and Egypt, also it’s the sphinx that guard the pyramids, which as you know is the cat. So this was just more confirmation. It had gone mad haha.

    So June 21st came and the only thing I received then was the light entering my heart space, my heart would vibrate through the night, so this time for me, everything happened way before the event, and during I didn’t get a lot at all, but when I heard that dave was using the essence of fear, I thought it was perfect for my healing location ( not myself as I personally no longer vibrate in fear) as I mentioned earlier there has been a lot of fear through the corruption and control from the pyramids through the earths ley lines, these go right through churches and monasteries etc hence one very beautiful monastery I used to visit had to be re built in one corner as it was on the same ley line as the pyramids.

    So this is why I felt it a good essence to use to help heal the grid system from my chosen point.
    So thank you David once again for allowing us to connect and join in from your heart space to help heal this beautiful Mother Earth of ours.
    For me this is part of my mission on earth, however I do anchor in and do my own solo Earth healing also, and I do this using the light from above, using myself as the anchor or the bridge and anchoring it in to the heart of mother Gaia at Glastonbury and then deeply rooting it into all that she is, I then bring it back up and send it out through my heart, out all around the earth and into the multiverse. And this is how I’m connected to the Christ light too.
    So thank you once again to Dave and to all of you for helping and assisting our beautiful earth.

    Much love and deepest gratitude to all

    Liz E, Egypt, Pyramids of Giza

    The Malvern Hills themselves, with water pouring out of the many natural wells are a clearing point for much toxic and emotional energy anyway. The energy there is programmed for release and cleansing. The essence went in the ground, into the paths already made by the running water and continued deeper into blocked areas, pockets of stagnant energy and deeper than ever before, opening up new channels for cleansing and clearing, deepening the extent of the cleansing towards the centre of the earth.

    Pat B, Malvern Hills

    Spring Equinox 2019

    Dear David,

    I was very happy to be part of the Mother Earth Healing and chose a field which I can see from my kitchen window.
    As the week went by I was delighted to see two blue tits taking an interest in a nest box just outside my conservatory window. It has lain empty for ages.
    Aha! I thought, this must be a gift from Mother Earth. The chicks must have hatched as the parent birds are very busy carrying insects to the nest.
    I hope I see the fledglings as they leave the nest. Such a joy!

    Best wishes

    Jean, Forres near Inverness Scotland

    Dear David,
    thank you for providing the opportunity to contribute to the healing of Mother Earth. The spot I chose for the healing is a little beach on Sardegna called Spiagga del Porto la Cruzetta. Last year we spent our holidays on Sardegna and we were enchanted by the beauty of this island. On one of our walks along the coast we passed by a little beach. The energy there was quite different from the rest of the area. It was really gloomy and it made us shiver. Later in the year somehow the universe called me (in person of a friend) to buy land on Sardegna. This land is very close to that beach. When you came up with this project it was clear that I wanted to do some healing there. The moment I drew the spiral on the picture of this spot my whole body was filled with joy and each time I think of it now my heart starts beating stronger.  I haven`t been there yet, so I haven´t had the chance to pour the rest of the water there, but I will do so in about a week, when we are going to see that place.
    The blessing I received so far is a heartfelt connection to this piece of land. And somehow it feels like I will be able to (re-)connect to the world of fairies there. I am so excited and joyful to go there soon. Let`s see.

    Irene Timm, Spaggio del Porto La Cruzetta, Sardegna, Italy

    The earth healing was very interesting for me, the day that I offered the
    water I picked up a bee on the high street, which initially I walked past and
    then went back for as I was worried it would be stepped on. I used a card and it
    walked on my hand, which was very special and when I found a safe place to
    place it down the bee stuck to my hand, as if it did not want to go.

    That same day or a day later, an absolutely massive bumble bee appeared next to my desk at
    work having got in somehow and I had to let it out of the window. I love
    bees and that was lovely to feel nature in that way. The day the earth
    healing ended I woke up from a vivid dream and literally felt poisoned and
    had all my anxiety back out of no where this lasted a week and then went so
    something was going on!!


    Andrew, London

    Hi Dave

    It is now a few weeks after the earth healing process which I did on 20/3/2019  at  5.00pm.

    That day felt very calm with a great sense of peace.It was the first time the house was calm in ages as we had been very busy with business stuff. There was a completely different atmosphere. .

    I had a strong impulse to plant a tree that has been in a pot for ages. I could feel it really asking to be planted that day.. I finally did this and allowed it to grow in a new natural setting.

    As I walked in from the garden through a six foot wide gap, a sparrow hawk suddenly shot past me flying just inches away chasing a bird which it did not manage to catch. Hawk is one of my guides and was in a big hurry as if it came to focus my attention on nature, earth and what I was going to do.

    I sent Earth Healing remotely to Donadea Forest in Co Kildare, Ireland – i felt a very strong flow of light to Mother Earth and I could feel the vortex opening and releasing.

    I placed the essence bottle on the spiral placed between a statue of St. Brigid, patron saint of Co. Kildare and a statue representing the Spirit of Nature (retirement gift from work). I asked assistance of both in this healing.

    There was a very calm sense about all of it and  it had its own time and space and dimension.
    I can sense the flow of light and releasing from the area. Since then my connection to nature is growing even stronger with more of a sense of the unity of all things.
    We still have bird feeders out and even the birds seem more calm, they don’t fly away and sometimes stare, communicate. I see them as personalities flying around the garden, even the few bumblebees and trees and flowers all have their place..

    Thank you Dave for helping us to do this and thanks to Mother Earth

    Mary, Donadea Wood, Co. Kildare, Ireland

    I gave the essence to Mother Earth in some woods at the start of a ridge walk going to Crook Peak .  I poured the essence under an old tree.  As I stood, I felt deeply connected to mother earth and felt light coming through me to the earth. It was a gentle but profound experience,  that I have never felt before. On leaving the woods there is a beautiful view over the Somerset levels to Exmoor on one side and Glastonbury Tor on the other (about 10 miles away).   I looked over towards Glastonbury Tor as I always do when I do this walk.  The sky was full of dark grey , dense clouds (it was a dull day), but as I stood, fine, darker grey, swirling clouds (almost like smoke) appeared all around the Tor. They dispersed quickly into the grey mass of clouds behind. I feel so much gratitude to have been involved in this earth healing, thank you Dave.

    Phillipa, Crook peak, Winscombe, Somerset, UK

    I did my ceremony on 21st after full moon equinox. The place i thought i was going to which was a negative rubbish strewn area was not right when i held the bottle to my heart and tuned in nor was second spot i choose but i was given picture in my mind of spot below carn brea where it needed to be poured  . As i walked dogs were very aware barking as i passed. Then as got nearer peace pervaded and birds couroused.

    I became very sensitive to sound and the elements . I poured it at route of tree asking for its help first. A little away from a spring and rock opening to the earth . I was aware of elenentals around as well. I moved quickly away the fog came down cornish mizzle but as i walked back the sun shone . i meet a beautiful dog who climbed a hillock and looked back towards the area. I picked up some rubbish on route home and a desire to be more environmentally proactive in my area.

    Kind regards

    Terri Lightfoot

    I was strongly guided to do the Earth Healing on ancestral ground, which was in the possession of my mother’s father and most likely also many, many of his ancestors. This piece of land is in the north, in the province of Drenthe, not easily accessible, so I did a remote healing from my living room in Amsterdam.

    When initiate the process, I feel all the ancestors from my mother’s lines gathering around me, it is a very powerful coming together, almost scary. But their present power is pure unconditional love. There is also a lot of expectation in the air.I am the only one in my grandfatther’s family line who is interested in healing. Also I am the last person in one of his family lines, and I totally understand that that is one of the reasons why my life is dedicated to healing: I am the last one who can set my family free from passed on pains, traumas, woundings, etc.

    I set two intentions:
    1) Heal the pain of the Earth Mother, and
    2) Heal the pain of my Family.

    Immediately after, I am sucked into the dark velvet womb of Mother Earth and I get a vision of the land in Drenthe containing the ashes of my ancestors. This land IS my ancestors. This land is ME.

    I need to lie down on the sofa and then enter a deep healing sleep for 75 minutes. Mother Earth is penetrating me at a very deep level, indiscribable really.

    In the days after, Mother Earth visits me regularly. Her black velvet love then runs up through my legs, my pelvic floor, my pelvis, my whole body, all my bone marrow. She then sucks lot of ancestral heaviness, pain and grief out, of which I had no clue I was carrying this. From the Tao teachings I know that bones stand for ancestors. In this week, I get a very deep understanding how ancestral pain is carried forward from generation to generation, until someone steps up and starts healing.

    At the end of the week I feel the job is done. I sigh from relief and gratefulness.

    Thank you David, for this amazing opportunity to help Mother Earth, my ancestors and myself to release all that is not longer needed.

    In gratitude,

    Harriët Kroon, Zeegse, The Netherlands

    The Atlantic Ocean welcomed me into one of her most wonderful corners where her waters circulate, inhale and exhale, a precious little corner where the eye sees an unspoilt tidal beach sentried by thousands of enormous tide-rounded boulders which have rolled with the tide for millions of years. Here’s where I was asked to come, to the ocean of emotion, where mankind’s detritus has been belched year on year in an ever growing cycle of carelessness and greed.

    I swim in her, have done for many years, it is where I am most ‘at home’ back in her salty womb, more and more she cries for healing, for us to relent, for she is the womb from whence we came not the toilet we carelessly flush.

    The sacred spot chosen for me was Minard Beach, Annascaul, West Kerry, Ireland. Or to be specific the Atlantic Ocean 100 metres off this beach. Where the river runs into her arms by the ruins of a castle – destroyed by Cromwell – but now home to crows, bats and a very elusive owl. A sacred artesian well springs up alongside with a early Christian cross, it’s horseshoe shape tells of it’s pagan roots depicting the arc of the rise and fall of the Sun as he bathes Mother Earth in light. From this well the water for the healing came.

    The morning came and a man peeled bare on the beach and inventively stashed a quarter of the water activated by David’s doings into the minimum of speedos with a splash of humour and swam out to the chosen spot. Circling the intended spot and saying prayers and feeling no small amount of trepidation I called on the Emerald Heart light, my Christ light and the Beloved Blue Ray and the support of my direct blood ancestors of this land and of the land itself. Circling and diving down and chatting to herself the Ocean 100 metres from where the river poured it’s cold mountainous waters in I was drawn to fact that I was not Alone! I felt the support of so many others who had harnessed their hearts to the Earth healing project, this was not an individual’s solitary effort but part of a greater oneness. Thank You All, though I know not your names or faces but recognise the kindred desire in your hearts.

    I opened the container and poured out the activated water and swam away quickly not wanting to be anywhere nearby. Back on the beach I would love to say a rainbow came out and 3 swans flew past, no, I saw nothing but had a direct feeling that this was all above and beyond my mind and senses, past my sensory understanding and the needs of my inquiring brain. My heart felt good, even if my stomach was uneasy.

    I said thanks and went home for food. The next day when I visited a local farmer with his two young children had left ewes and their newly born lambs bleating and gambolling nicely at the foot of the castle beside the healing vortex.  I have never seen lambs there before and it would do your heart good to watch them. I have been back several times and swim on the other side of the bay accepting that it’s doing what it’s doing and I’m content not knowing how it’s doing it.

    I poured the remainder of the water out onto the land days ago and much to my surprise it was cloudy with algae and things one would not chose to drink…

    I am delighted to be part of this lifelong project of Earth Healing, and yes one cannot give without receiving, more of that anon…

    Paul Kennedy

    Paul Kennedy, Annascaul, West Kerry, Ireland

    I was getting called to do some Earth healing early on in March, probably before then, I had actually kept getting a call to open my dragon oracle cards by Diane cooper, low n behold, out came ‘ heal the 5D ley lines. Next I receive an email from Dave asking about taking part in Earth healing, so obviously I immediately say yes. The day before we begin, I receive my emerald green aventurine crystal and my citrine crystal, My aventurine crystal ( a crystal pertaining to the heart) ended up lost at work so that was obviously meant to happen. Next I have a swarm of emerald and gold looking flies outside on an Ivy bush on a fence in my garden, the buzzing was very loud! And then I noticed that every time I emailed dave my whole page would be covered in a yellowy gold colour, I thought it was something dave had created for his page, but no, he assured me he hadn’t, it was just another of those little signs and miracles that happens when Dave is around.
    What an absolute blessing, I was so happy and so blessed to have taken part in this Devine healing. I am always happy to help our dear mother. Here always. Thank you Dave and thank you to all of you that put your hearts and souls into healing mother gaia

    Liz Ellis, Hay-on-wye

    Hi Dave

    Very grateful to be part of Earth Healing, I was drawn to Burrs Country Park in Bury in the woods to a certain place where I could begin the ceremony, it was Wednesday, full moon and Equinox and for me it had to be that day, the birds were chirping so loudly it was almost as if they were guiding me and giving confirmation that it was the right spot. As I was meditating I felt as though I could feel Mother Earth breathing under my feet as I began my connection.

    I drank some of the water and poured some on to the ground. I had an overwhelming feeling of peace but at the same time some urgency to move back to allow the healing to start.

    Humbled to contribute, it was an amazingly powerful energetic time for me having been attuned to the second level of the Dvine Plan the day before, taking part in the Earth healing was an amazing experience.


    Nicky, Burrs Country Park, Bury, UK

    Theclaje was choppy when we arrived with a fairly stiff breeze. A beautiful blue sky sunny day…we said a little prayer in honour of mother Earth before following David’s instruction and pouring the water into the edge of the water. We took photos from a safe distance and watched the rough wavelets calming and still water spreading out from the edge towards the main body of water. Everything appeared very peaceful and all in Divine order!
    We feel humbled and honoured to have been part of the earth healing project and no doubt the Light will be working its magic and helping the planet with the healing she needs so much. Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this.

    Tracy Jane 'Roo' Cameron Louis-Smith, Stithians Lake

    Hi Tim, (Tim is one of the teachers who passed the Light forward to his people)

    Just to let you know I went to the woods near my home this afternoon. I have only just recently discovered them and had focussed in my mind’s eye where I was going to perform the ceremony.

    As I began to approach the chosen area, over the various birds’ song I could hear the intermittent sound of loud knocking. As it was clearly coming from high up in the trees, I realised it was a woodpecker – something I’ve seen but never heard before. I was quite amazed to find it was in the tree in the exact location where I had connected to in my heart!

    After performing the sacred ritual in a secluded spot, I carried on through the woods and saw two robins together, hopping across my path – I’ve only ever seen one at a time so again I was amazed…perhaps an example of the gifts Dave is talking about?!

    Funnily enough, I googled ‘two robins’ and amongst all the bird information sites, there was a spiritual meaning page which said:

    ‘The spiritual meaning of a robin includes: transformation, growth, renewal, passion, change, and power. The robin is all about perseverance and trying to “keep on keeping on.” The Robin can teach you how to focus and trust yourself better. Robins have passion and this can be a sign spiritually…

    To see two robins consequently can indicate that you should share your knowledge. Robins are also associated with the end of an old phase and the entering of a new one. To see Robin means you need to let go of what no longer serves you and find something else to bring you joy and happiness. The Robin bird is encouraging you to be brave again.’

    There was a time when I’d have dismissed this as mumbo jumbo, and maybe it is, but I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the meaning written on the page was meant for me. During one part of my meditation at the gathering on Monday I had a strong sense of strength and power, and also felt the need to tap into this as I was walking to the woods. I am also beginning to let go of many things that no longer serve me, and feel that with my new life taking shape, I am slowly beginning to let go of my fear of life.

    Thanks for helping me do this Tim,


    Dear David,

    I was so greateful to be able to contribute to this Earth Healing. Because I was traveling, it took five days before I could really start, but then it took off right away. The same day I received a precious gift while sitting under a tree in a clearing in the woods (not the healing spot). I was very tired that afternoon, even exhausted, and all my ego wanted was to hang on the couch. But something pulled me to the clearing, so I got on the bike. Sitting there, meditating, my heart immediately responded. A knot of emotional dependence that I have been struggling with unraveled. A path was shown: it revealed the longterm inner work I needed to do, in a very loving and supportive way. I felt the fatigue leaving me and new fresh energy nourishing me, pouring over me from the tree like a shower and rising up from the Earth.

    Thank you so much for your guidance, David. We’ve all done such an important thing here, helping Mother Earth to heal. I’ve been feeling the urgency to help Her for quite some time but didn’t know how. This Healing felt as the exact right thing to do.

    Bless you all,

    Lies, The Netherlands

    Dear Dave

    I immediately knew where the spot would be, a very specific, very small, precise  location on Dartmoor. It is a faery place that is magical, but it seems people just pass it by and don’t see it, so I could be reasonably certain no one would be there.

    As circumstance would have it, an injury meant there was no way I could walk the distance to get there, and remote work was the only option. To tell the truth I would be hard pressed to locate this place on a map, I have no idea what it is called and I found it only by wandering about in the woods. It is next to a narrow, rocky, tumbling stream with pools just big enough to sit in, on the edge of a small steep escarpment on one side and an elegant small grassy woodland on the other. It’s a place I have made essences and dreamed and once I saw a scary and enormously tall elemental or tree spirit, they are not all cute and tiny.  So all I could do was draw a representation of where it is, luckily Nature is more intelligent than us and I am sure she has found the place from my drawing by reading my intention and hearing our shared requests to help her.

    I did not really have any unusual feelings during the process, I felt normal, maybe because it is normal for me to work energetically and with nature.  I did however have intensified pain from the injury which has prevented me from going anywhere and which shows no sign of resolving.  I was a little curious about what the promised gift would be.  I tried to see my injury situation as the gift and what it is showing me about restriction and immobility, and also how very much Earth’s dear creatures are suffering with very little love and recognition from us, let alone medical care (so far I have been obtusely blocked in my access to medical treatment)  but I have limited success in my ability to accept pain and loss of physical freedom. Animals, plants and rocks accept loss and injury and illness with grace but I enter into battle with it!

    I was a little curious about what else the gift might be, and wondered if it was perhaps the lovely people who attended my Spring Equinox journalling group, where I asked for nature’s help to inspire these beings to wise action, who all left feeling happy, bright and clear. This was lovely and would have been enough.

    It only came clear on Mother’s Day which in the UK was 31 March, when I received an email containing a photo of a card I had made as a small Christmas gift for a friend, now framed on their wall. The card represents a shining golden rabbit among ferns. Ferns for me represent primordial and ancient beauty and the ever-unfurling vitality of life on this extraordinary planet, the force that through the green fuse drives the flower.   I had made it with love and care and then let it go and certainly never expected it to come back. The golden rabbit was of course inspired by David’s book. The gift in the return of my own gift was that it was seen by the recipient, David himself, as an energetic golden rabbit with a force field of golden light of his own. The gift is to be shown how we are energetically and creatively powerful and that by engaging in shared healing of the planet itself we are also healing ourselves! We must believe in golden bunnies and faeries- this is what it means to believe.

    With warm wishes

    Alyss, Dartmoor

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for sharing the earth healing. I had no hesitation in taking part. The response from Mother Earth you described has really saddened and moved me.

    I am with family in cheddar at the moment. I decided to give the essence to Mother Earth in some woods at the start of a ridge walk yesterday. I poured the essence under an old tree, then walked for 5 mins to see a gorgeous view of Glastonbury tor. Grey swirling clouds were all around it, in a very unusual way – all the rest of the clouds were a dense grey in the sky. They dispersed quickly. I wonder if this was linked to the earth healing and linked to the essence I poured on the earth – I was about 10 miles away?

    Felt I wanted to feed this back.

    Love and thanks,

    Phillipa, UK

    Dear Dave,

    Just wanted to send you this feedback.

    Late Sunday evening… unaware that you were sending light to open our hearts… I was sending some remote healing to a friend’s daughter Anna who is very poorly. As I connected to her I was shocked to find how little light there was around her and how weak she was. I sent reiki and felt there was very little improvement.

    I called In Jesus and Mother Mary and then still worried I called in the Emerald heart light.

    At that moment it felt like a dam had burst in my heart… literally… like a cork had popped out… and this enormous amount of golden light burst through it and engulfed Anna, she was immediately glowing with this strong and beautiful light.

    I feel my heart has, after so long, been fully opened and for the first time in many, many years it is filled with Joy.

    It happened in a split second. I am treasuring the gift!

    It was wonderful to be able to partake in the Earth Healing, which has made my connection to it so much stronger.

    Thank YOU and Bless YOU!

    Sue, Wales

    Dear Dave,

    thank you for your guidance! I´ve just drawn the spiral on the place I chose for the healing. My heart and my whole body reacted clearly to the connection with Mother Earth. At present I am full of love for the world and life and I feel my heart expanding. I am so looking forward to visiting the place (close to a beach on Sardegna/Italy) in April.

    Much Love

    Irene, Munich

    Dear David,

    As I entered into my sacred connection, the Love and Gratitude I felt and feel no words can describe. There is such calmness and purity. I feel our Mother’s gentle presence.

    My gift for today is being in this sacred connection with everyone, the gift of oneness and community.

    God Bless you David Ashworth

    Loraine, Scotland

    Hi Dave,

    When David sent out an email to say the Earth Mother had asked for help, like so many other people around the world, I signed up straight away to help. Being a part of this project has given me so much more than an insight into the process of setting up a space for healing to take place. For me I also received a gift from the Earth almost immediately after reading David’s email saying we could begin anytime. I had gone out to water my garden and was saying hello to the Earth when she suddenly reached up and assisted me to release a whole lot of emotional pain I was unable to otherwise let go of. Two days later I found my site for healing and began the process. This was a straight forward method which could be done by anyone with an intention to help. I would highly recommend being part of any future projects and look forward to doing so again.

    With love

    Chloe, Australia

    Hi David,

    On the day of the Earth healing I lit a candle, drank a little bit of the water and then placed the bottle on the spiral and said a prayer. I could feel a lot of heat in my heart chakra and my hands. I lay down for a while with my hand on my heart and allowed healing to go to the Earth.

    Since that day, I have felt a feeling of joy coming over me which is a great blessing. I have had things falling into place like a lot of clients booking for healings. I have also had chances to enjoy and appreciate wonderful trips in the company of my husband in beautiful surroundings, with long walks by the sea. I have felt enormous gratitude and peace.

    Norette, Ireland