Fill Your Heart with Light Program

Fill Your Heart with Light Program

The Power of Love is in your own hands,
but only YOU can reach out to take it.

Love is Light and Light is Love but what does that really mean? As the teachings of this group unfold you will have ample opportunity to learn, for very little effort.

Our Solar System and the Earth run in cycles, such as the yearly cycle of the seasons and our 28-day moon cycle. Of course, we also know something of the power of the planets to apply pressure to our lives as well as bring opportunities. Also, there are waves of Universal Energy that bring changing vibrations that wash right through us. If we can be in harmony with these flowing changes then our lives move with much greater ease.

The Light that flows through me helps guide and uplift many people on a daily basis. Some people have travelled closely with me for more than 20 years and clearly, they reap the benefits of being in the Light or they wouldn’t come back for more.

Here is an opportunity for you to also share in the blessings of the Light by joining this group.

What do you Receive in my Monthly Program?

A Divine Blessing every Single Day
Each month, Guidance will offer you:
From the moment you sign up you will receive each month ready for the 14th…

  • An Essence of Liquid Light

  • Plus, a Reading that goes with each Essence

  • You can leave and rejoin any month without charge

Benefits of the Program

  • The Light in the essence supports all aspects of your life

  • It connects you into the Universal Flow

  • Provides strength for your aura, which offers greater protection from disturbing energies

  • Helps reduce the feeling of pressure in your life

  • Promotes inner harmony and peace

PLUS… Spiritual Development Support

  • Each essence connects you to Universal Consciousness

  • The Light in your essence watches over you like a Guardian Angel

  • It gently presents to you the things that may need to change

  • It constantly cleanses your aura and chakras by dissolving anything that is impure in your system

Benefits of Joining the Monthly Program

  • Members don’t need to remember to order the essence each month

  • Members receive a generous discount on their essence

  • Your essence vibration is sent to you automatically each month

  • You will be constantly In The Light

  • It’s something you can do with ease to support your whole life


Option 1:
Become a Member and receive a discount of over £4 each month

  • Physical Essence Bottle £18.95 (UK Only) SAVE £4.55

  • Essence Transmission £15.95 (Worldwide) SAVE £4.05

Option 2:
Choose each month to receive the essence vibration but pay the full price
One-off essences (Non-Members)

  • Physical Essence Bottle £23.50 (UK Only)

  • Essence Transmission £20.00 (Worldwide)

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Become a Member

Monthly Subscription
– Essence by post £18.95
(UK Only)

A prepared bottle of essence sent directly to you before the date to start taking it.

(UK only due to post being unreliable).

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Essence Transmission

Monthly Subscription –
Essence Transmission £15.95 (Worldwide)

An essence transmission on the morning the event begins so you can participate anywhere in the world.

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Join the Fill Your Heart with Light Program

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An essence is water infused with Light, so it becomes Liquid Light. It has a small amount of alcohol as a preservative, but is also available without alcohol if needed.

It is available as a bottle, posted to you (UK only). Or a transmission where you prepare your own bottle to receive.

The Essences were created through guidance from the Divine Source and the Earth Mother over a period of some 20 years.

The Essence has two aspects. Firstly, it comes with a reading, which explains the qualities of the Essence and how they help you.

The second aspect is linked to the Source. This carries the Light of the Divine into your heart to support and develop your life and consciousness.

It is this second aspect that bathes you in the waves of change that constantly wash through our reality in the moment. As you take the Essence, the Light flows into your heart and through your consciousness bringing you into the flow of all that is changing.

Being in this flow takes a huge amount of stress out of your deeper consciousness, allowing you to more easily adapt to the changing world around us. At the same time, the Light in the essence continually guides you to make the right choices in life.

This Program is like a Life Support system. It connects you with the Light of Source and the Source is always trying to help guide you into the flow of life rather than the struggle of life.

  • You receive a generous discount on the Essence
  • You don’t have to worry about remembering to register or purchase the essence
  • The essence will be with you in time for the Start Date each month
  • You will be constantly in the light without a break which will help your Spiritual Development
  • You can join and leave at anytime, the essences will be offered to everyone on my mailing list but by subscribing you will receive a substantial discount
Guidance chooses the essence based on the vibrations in the Universe at that moment in time.
The essences last 3-4 weeks which brings you perfectly into the next essence of the period.

Take 3 tiny drops in a little water 3 times a day :

  1. In the morning
  2. Middle of the day
  3. Right before you go to bed
Monthly payments will be taken on the same day each month based on the day you registered. For example if you register on the 12th you will be billed again on the 12th the month after.

You cancel your membership at anytime by logging into your Circle of Light account or contacting us.

Essence Transmissions

  • Some people feel more involved in the process
  • You don’t have to rely on postal services, so it’s available anywhere in the world
  • If anything happens to your bottle, you can receive a new transmission within 24 hours

An Essence Transmission is a method by which David can transmit the vibrations of Light into a bottle of water that you prepare. Please see the video below.

Watch this short video where I show you how to prepare to receive an Essence Transmission.

Watch this short video where Harriët shows you how to take the Essence from your transmission.

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